Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lying Down With The Devil: Coordinated Violence Against Unarmed Americans

It has been said, “If you lie down with the devil, you will wake up in hell,” which Hosni Mubarek discovered in Tahrir Square in Cairo and Mummar Gadaffi in Tripoli.  Michael Bloomberg in New York City, Jean Quan in Oakland and Police Chief Annette Spicuzza of the University of California at Davis will discover the same is true for them. 

Beating, pepper spraying, shooting rubber bullets and severely injuring unarmed people who are exercising their First Amendment rights (like Iraq Vet Scott Olsen shown here), will not be tolerated. If those in government think they have problems now, the American people are likely to react with increasing numbers to such intolerable abuses of power, and will take their case to to the streets of Washington DC and the US Capitol.

The widespread use of military force against unarmed citizens in Cairo, Tripoli and Damascus, was condemned by the US Administration and other American political leaders.  Now that the same things are occurring in cities throughout the United States, the Obama Administration has been largely silent about the unprecedented paramilitary violence against Americans exercising their First Amendment rights. 

If Barrack Obama had any hopes of winning the 2012 election with support from most people who voted for him in 2008, he can think again. It has been a display of utter lack of courage. He’d better look to the Tea Party for support.

Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland spilled the beans, that the attacks across 18 US cities are being centrally coordinated by a group with links to the US Department of Homeland Security and paid for by the Motorola Corporation.  Motorola, has close ties to a police organization that is responsible for coordinating the recent crackdown on the Occupy Wall Street protests in various cities.

The organization that is responsible for coordinating these attacks is PERF. PERF stands for Police Executive Research Forum (PERF).  Chuck Wexler (show above) is Executive Director of the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), a Washington, D.C.-based policing think tank.  He is a consultant and advisory board member of the Department of Homeland Security.
When the mechanisms of democratic government repeatedly fail over a prolonged period, as has occurred in the US, the people take direct action to protest the failure of the elected officials to do their jobs.  The American electorate has been incredibly patient and tolerant of deadlocks and repeated roadblocks by elected officials, to nearly any improvement in the lot of the American people via the Congress and President. 
What did the Koch Brothers and other Right Wing radicals really expect, for the citizens of America to continue to roll over and play dead, in the face of massive abuses occurring in their names carried out by hopelessly corrupt elected officials?

Barrack Obama is a Constitutional scholar.  Apparently he is more of a scholar than elected official, capable of acting on behalf of the American people.  Perhaps he will write an article for a law journal some day about how he turned the country’s first Amendment Rights over to the Motorola Corporation and city's mayors bent on suppressing dissent at any cost. 

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